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Potty training refers to the process of teaching a child how to use the bathroom for defecation or urination. Also known as toilet training, it often involves using a bowl-shaped fixture known as potty. It is usually done when the child is already 1 year old and completed during the 4th year. Here are some potty training ideas that can help you successfully train your child to control his or her bladder and bowel.

One of the most important potty training ideas is the preparation for the training itself. You can do this by getting your kid his or her own potty chair for the procedure. You can also schedule the training such that it falls on the spring and summer season as people wear less clothes during those times. This means that it will be easier for both of you and the child because at some point it is inevitable that your kid will soil his or her pants. This way, a warmer weather is more manageable.

Another good potty training ideas to use during the procedure is by introducing the chair early. It is important because it may be harder for you to train your child when he or she is already older and is already used to defecating or urinating in a diaper or worse, in his or her pants. Look out for the signs that the child is already ready for training such as when he or she is already beginning to take interest in the bathroom, or when he or she is able to manage to stay dry for around two hours.

Potty training is a very long process that involves a lot of time. Therefore some of good potty training ideas are to be patient and creative. Do not give up on your child too easily when it seems that he or she is not making any progress. You can use positive reinforcement to help shape the behavior of the child. Also incorporating games, toys, videos, songs, books and other devices in the training can greatly contribute to the success of the procedure.

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