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Potty Training A Toddler

Potty training a toddler is an important process that must be taught to every children as it is essential in their adult life. It is done using a toilet bowl-shaped apparatus known as a potty chair that can be easily accessed by young children and therefore ideal for potty training a toddler.

Before potty training a toddler you must ensure that your child is both physically and psychologically prepared for the procedure. While other people recommend a potty training age even as early as 6 months old, it is no use forcing the process on them when the child’s own faculties are not developed enough to learn such things. A told is considered to be physically ready when he or she has the ability to go to the potty chair by himself or herself. Meanwhile, the kid is psychologically ready when he or she already has the awareness or a notion of peeing or pooping.

To start potty training a toddler, the first step that you need to do is place the potty chair in a spot where the child can access it. Make sure that you explain what it is for. It is also helpful if you have an older young kid that can demonstrate how it is used.

A regular bowel movement of your child is useful when potty training a toddler because you can just anticipate the time when your child needs to use the bathroom. You can take advantage of this by removing the diaper right before this period so that your kid will be trained to use the potty chair everytime.

If your child slips up while using the potty chair, don’t feel so frustrated or scold the child. Punishing your kid is definitely not a good idea when potty training a toddler as it will make him or her more nervous and can produce counterproductive results. On the other hand, it is always a good idea to reward your kid after successfully a potty chair. A simple praise will do as giving your kid sweets or other foods can send a wrong message to the kid and may cause bigger problems later in life.

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